First to give feedback on the book comes from Chris Stiffler, who bought his book the first day available – “What a great read! Enjoyed it immensely- GREAT JOB! It’s worth buying and reading twice.” Thanks Chris!

And right behind Chris is Dave Robertson (Robertson Racing Ford GT in ALMS) Seriously- This a very worthwhile book! The reader will learn a lot about modern racing technology and they will understand because the book follows ideas as they develop. You and Dan Binks have produced something of lasting value!

Then I got a kind email from Ulrich Baretzky, the head of the Audi Le Mans Diesel engine development program regarding ‘Making it FASTER’.
“The Book has arrived just for Christmas, so I had a Little time to read. It is a very well written, with very deep going Research work.
Thank you again”

Was on the Bike Week Radio Show this past Sunday live.  Making it FASTER was the last half of the hour long show.  The link appears below…